Oct 25 2003

Halloween Pirate Party

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Last night was the Brotherhood Halloween Party

It was on the Star of India, a 3 masted ship in the San Diego Harbor.

TJ held a rockin’ pre-party at the Holiday Inn across from the ship.

Cool dreads in the goatee!

Gabe and Amanda were there. It looks like the bird is listing to port. In actuality, Gabe is listing to starboard… Gabe’s strategy to avoid paying for drinks on the ship was… OVERexecuted. I’m not sure he ever boarded. Or if he’s still alive.

Erika brought a couple of her friends.

And her boy Tad.

Not sure if that’s a pirate or George Washington.

Here’s Elaine holding my sword. Someone swiped my sword and I didn’t see it again all night. With the way my head feels now, it’s probably good that there was no swordplay anyway…

It’s really hard taking good pictures of a ship at night, but here’s an attempt.

We caught up with Jocy and Inoh on the boat.

The traditional Slave Auction.

Elaine didn’t trust that I’d let her back out if she stuck her head in.

I’m more trusting. Or drunk.

More of Declan’s Party Pictures here.

More Brotherhood pictures here.

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