Oct 24 2004

Nova Scotia and Denver

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Declan did some work travel to Nova Scotia and Denver.

The Access 2004 conference was held in Halifax, New Scotland this year. Here’s a view from my hotel room:

We did an Alexander Keith’s brewery tour:

I think that’s Alexander…

Then we did a pub crawl. Mmmm, beer!

So, what do you do when yer in a timezone 4 hrs ahead of yours at 3am?

Drink more and eat candy in a hospitality suite!

Very nice shopping and lunch place by the waterfront.

And this is the small boardwalk they have just outside the shopping center:

A nice lady (thanks Tanja!) from Acadia University offered to be my guide to the interior of Nova Scotia.

We drove to the valley (North of Halifax for about an hour) and I got some fall color shots:

One of the small towns in the area has a Pumpkin People theme:

Kinda creepy… 🙂

On Sunday, before hopping a plane to Denver, a couple of us drove up to Peggy’s Cove for breakfast and to see the Atlantic:

While in Denver, I got to see my brother, Aidan:

He tought me some hunting techniques:

More trip pictures.

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