Feb 27 2008

Whining about Poor Service in Portland

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To: adam@oldtownpizza.com

Hi – last night, four friends and I had pizza at your restaurant. The
food was great, but when we went to pay our bill, we were all shocked
by the behavior of the gentleman working the cash register.

We are here for a conference, so we requested serparate checks for
expense reports. We were told that we can only split 2 ways. Hmm,
well… Inconvenient, but ok we are imposing a bit. We all went up to
the counter and paid with 5 credit cards, which worked out to about
$12 each.

We each started putting $14 on our cards, and I asked the guy if he
can take a tip out of that. He said, “I hope you make it worth it
because I’m not even supposed to do this.” So, that was rotten enough
behavior. I was so disgusted that I went to wait outside for my
friends to finish paying.

When they came out,they were all shaking their heads at further
comments from your guy. Our last guy’s total was only $7, he’d been in
the bathroom and missed the earlier discussion, sone another of our
guys said “put on $14 so they get a tip.”. Your guy said, “that isn’t
even 20%.”. All of our guys were shocked and one said, “this is for
counter service. We came up to order and got our own beer.” We then
all gathered outside wondered what kind of place treats customers like

Your pizza place was listed as a recommendation on our conference
paperwork. I’m pretty sure it shouldn’t be.

Declan Fleming

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  1. Jimon 27 Feb 2008 at 11:12 am

    The pizza wasn’t that great either, if you ask me.

  2. Michael Don 29 Feb 2008 at 9:00 pm

    Had a similar experience Tuesday night while attending a conference in Santa Clara. An opportunity exists to create a conference dining guide. 🙂

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