Oct 26 2008

Waterfalls at Watkins Glen, NY

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Another place that Maureen suggested I visit on my down day was Watkins Glen. There is a large gorge carved out that’s full of waterfalls. I got there fairly close to sunset, so I was moving as fast as I could, but I did bring the tripod to get some nice shots:

I need to tone the sky down on that one. I’m reading a book about image editing and this will be one of the ones I’ll pour some work into.

This one is a little contrived, but hey, it gets the path, some fall colors, and water:

The word “gloaming” kept coming into my head:

I didn’t know how much of the sky I wanted, so I tried leaving it out. Kinda works:

I was able to get behind one of the falls and shoot with a flash to get the droplets:

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