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Sep 23 2004

My little brother fights fires!

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It’s funny what you’ll find if you do a Google search on your family… 😉

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Sep 21 2004

Fleming trip to the Grand Canyon

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In August, we took a driving trip to the Grand Canyon.

Erin works on the big words:

Nathan be’s Nathan:

Although we DID catch him showing interest at one point…

Must be a video arcade on the North Rim…

Such an amazing place:

We took the Rails to the Rim train:

Nathan gets psyched up for the Canyon:

The train did have one problem:

After the Canyon, we drove up to Flagstaff and this old man kept following us around:

Actually, that’s Jeff Carrico who we knew from Illinois and now works at Northern Arizona U. His wife, Nancy, cleverly avoided being photographed. Or she’s a vampire.

We then headed south through Oak Creek Canyon:

And stopped at Slide Rock State Park:

There was a neat channel cut into the rocks that you could slide down on your bottom. There would be pictures of Erin trying that now, but the camera battery ran out. Use your imagination…

Obligatory picture of Nathan being unaffected:

We spent that night in Sedona:

It was a great trip. We saw lots of climates. Even got hailed on as we arrived along US 40!

For more pictures, click here.

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Sep 21 2004

My old buddy Mark comes for a visit!

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I haven’t seen my friend Mark for quite a few years. He and his family came out to visit California, and made a stop in San Diego.

Here’s Mark and his son Lucas:

Wife Lisa and brother Jeff:

Nuqular Fambly:

That kid is so friggin cute!

For more pictures, click here.

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