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Aug 29 2005

A neat orkut experience

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I had a neat Orkut experience today. I had a piece of spam saying that someone had put something in my scrapbook. I was bored and hadn’t logged into orkut in over a year, so what the heck, I’ll see who’s spamming me.

Dang it, forgot my login and pw… Ok, got them sent to me… Is this really worth it? Finally I get in and find this:

Thais: Hi Declan,
I’m not sure if you still remember me. We went to U-High together in our Senior Year. I’m from Brazil and since we left High School, we haven’t heard from each other. I was taking a look here and gave a couple of “old” names and found you! As a matter of fact, I haven’t heard from anyone from U-High since 1983 (!!) but was glad to see, that you are doing fine! I went to U-High’s Site and found our class too. Do you remember me? I have good memories of you, one in special, as we went to a day on a lake, (dont’t remember the name) with our senior class, and you, claudia (my friend from Brazil too) and me were kidding together.
May be you still remember us 😉
I would also want to up date my data on our U-High Site. But we can do that later, I think you are the one responsable for it, aren’t you?
I’m amazed, how this orkut can conect people and very old memories! I would be glad to hear from you!
See you! Thais

So cool! Like she said, I hadn’t heard from these fun Brazilian exchange students since high school. I’d think of them from time to time, wondering where they’d gotten to.

Looking at the breadcrumb trail that leads her to me, there’s Charlie (coworker from UIUC)!

Declan F > Charley K > Bethany C > Loris ( > Fabby G > Thais B

So, thanks for knowing the right folks, Charlie!

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Aug 28 2005

Erin turns 10!

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Erin and her buddies went to the waterpark.

Click here for more pictures.

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Aug 27 2005

Donna drops in

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And takes lots of pictures of plants.

Click here for more pictures.

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Aug 24 2005

Share the road!

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Friggin Drivers…

From SignOnSanDiego

Hit-run collision kills bicyclist.

This is on one of my favorite routes.

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Aug 23 2005


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Got this in email today:

Oi. Sou Nívea, conheci a Olivia no Rio de Janeiro em 1992, e tenho bastante material para trocar. Está interessado? Tenho 39 anos e sou fã da Olivia desde 1978. Você tem todos os filmes e shows da Olivia? Me interesso por filmes e shows, já que não tenho quase nada. Me escreva assim que puder! Um abraço, Nívea.

According to Google Translate, this means:

Oi. I am Nívea, I knew the Olivia in Rio De Janeiro in 1992, and have sufficiently material to change. It is interested? I have 39 years and I am fan of the Olivia since 1978. You have all the films and shows of the Olivia? I am interested for films and shows, since I do not have almost nothing. It writes me thus that he will be able! One I hug, Nívea.

I guess I’m internationally known as an ONJ fan!

And I’ve got nothing to do with this!

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Aug 13 2005

What’s a numismatist?

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I’ve got a buddy who collects coins. I bet he’d dig this site:

The MegaPenny Project

Multiply a little more… 10 Million Pennies:

And it keeps going and going… 🙂

How about a Trillion?


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Aug 11 2005

Nasty fun!

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I hate to admit how much time Elaine and I spent laughing at this site last night:


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Aug 10 2005

Sanguin IV picures are finally up!

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The Brotherhood throws a fabulous party during Comic Con called X-Sanguin. They have just posted their pictures:

Click Here.

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Aug 04 2005

Aunt Beth and the kids come to visit

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Elaine, Beth, and the kids went to the beach on one day of their visit.

Here’s Rebecca having some fun.

Erin’s a California chick.

Rachael rearranges the beach.

Surfer girls.

Click here for more pictures.

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