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Feb 28 2007

St. Stallman

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Richard Stallman gave a talk at UCSD’s CSE department today.  He went 1.5 hours without stopping.  Then he did a costume change:

Which I’m guessing is a take on St. Ignatius (iGNUtious):

Hmm, hope THIS doesn’t happen to Stallman – Martyrdom of St. Ignatius

More pictures here.

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Feb 22 2007

Erin teaches cooking

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This is a project Erin turned in for a class.  Ain’t she cute?  🙂

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Feb 18 2007

March of the Librarians

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Feb 15 2007

Jasmine Cafe

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Elaine and I tried out a new restaurant neighborhood tonight called Jasmine Cafe.  It’s a Persian and Mediterranean Cafe.  They were offering a Valentines Day special for two, charging $44.99 for a wide variety of their fare.  Bottom line, the food was excellent!

We started with a Lentil Soup, which was tasty.  Next came a dish of appetizers, including hummus, babaghanooj, cashk bedamjoon, musto khiyar, filafel, and dolma (Man, the spell checker HATES those words!).  These were all fantastic, especially the babaghanooj.  I really don’t like eggplant, so I wasn’t expecting to like it.  It was smoky, garlicky, and full of subtle flavors.  The dollop of olive oil on top didn’t hurt either.  The other spreads were great, as was the yogurt based dip in the middle.  The dolmas and filafels were nothing to blog about (did you catch that subtle modernization of “to write home about?”  Clever, eh?), but the high quality of the rest of the plate does more than forgive that.

The main dish was a selection of Shrimp Kabob, Chicken Kabob, and Beef/Lamb Shawerma.  Again, we loved all of them.  The shrimp was a little salty for Elaine, but I liked the way the flavor permeated the whole shrimp.  And anything that slows Elaine down around shrimp is a blessing.  I think I got 2.  That’s a record.  Yep, she likes shrimp.

The chicken was soft, moist and had a great lemony flavor.  The beef/lamb (I bet that’s a funny looking animal) was very nice.  I’m a big lamb fan, and I asked if they had just a lamb version, but no.  Anyway, it was still good and had a nice lamby flavor.

On the plate was a lump of white stuff.  We asked what it was – whipped garlic with lemon and olive oil.  Really neat mix of flavors and texture.  It went well with a fork full of their nice basmati rice.

We finished the meal with a nice baklava.  Not too sweet and garnished with pistachios.

I love it when I find a new place with good food, especially unique dishes.  I really recommend the place and hope it gets enough traffic to keep it around.

Their web site sucks, but shows the address:

13185-3 Black Mountain Road
San Diego, CA  92129

This is the Vons shopping center in Rancho Penasquitos.

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Feb 15 2007

Erin the Lady in Waiting

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Last night I got to see Erin open as a Lady in Waiting in her school’s production of “Once Upon a Mattress.”

She did great!  Here she is on stage:

And here she is being rather rude, I must say:

More pictures here.  They’re pretty blurry, the light was low.

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Feb 11 2007

Early Tech Support

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Ok, this is funny on a lot of levels:


From a boss at work.

I don’t often LOL, but this got me… 🙂

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Feb 04 2007

Sweet Moves

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Found on Neatorama

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Feb 02 2007


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This it too painful to retype, so I’ll paste from my ranting IM with TJ this morning.  Some of the language has been edited to make me look less like a tard:
(8:01:27 AM) declansnwl: i’m fretting and fuming!
(8:01:36 AM) TJ Fiske: whats wrong
(8:01:37 AM) declansnwl: played in the TNT poker tournament last night
(8:01:44 AM) declansnwl: and got @#&*ED!!!
(8:01:57 AM) TJ Fiske: oh that one that john did
(8:02:04 AM) TJ Fiske: yeah i got booted pretty quick also last time
(8:02:08 AM) TJ Fiske: (last year)
(8:02:08 AM) declansnwl: yeah, he paged me later that he won!
(8:02:18 AM) declansnwl: ok, so there are a bunch of rounds
(8:02:20 AM) TJ Fiske: OMG really
(8:02:28 AM) declansnwl: and i get out in the first round
(8:02:36 AM) declansnwl: bad cards, waa, whatever
(8:03:07 AM) declansnwl: BUT, i stick around and play a losers lounge game because there’s a raffle for a seat at the finalists table
(8:03:33 AM) declansnwl: John hands me 10 tickets for that – some friend of his bought them for $2 each and didn’t want to stick around
(8:03:45 AM) declansnwl: and I won a spot at the table!!!
(8:04:22 AM) declansnwl: I’m pretty low stack – 1000 chips while others have nearly 3000
(8:04:34 AM) declansnwl: FIRST HAND – Pair of Jacks!!!!
(8:04:45 AM) declansnwl: hmm, not the strongest hand, but ok, i’ll call
(8:04:51 AM) declansnwl: many people call
(8:05:01 AM) declansnwl: comes the flop, 2 J 4
(8:05:05 AM) declansnwl: WHOA! 3 Jacks!
(8:05:12 AM) TJ Fiske: nice!
(8:05:20 AM) declansnwl: someone calls, I go all in
(8:05:40 AM) declansnwl: i gotta bring my stack up anyway, and I got the best possible hand
(8:05:45 AM) declansnwl: ANOTHER guy goes all in
(8:05:59 AM) declansnwl: i’m like WTF! I’ve got the Jacks!
(8:06:10 AM) declansnwl: we flip cards, he’s got pocket 2s!  (One a Club)
(8:06:24 AM) declansnwl: my 3 Jacks KILL him, right?
(8:06:30 AM) TJ Fiske: exactly
(8:06:30 AM) declansnwl: right? right?
(8:06:37 AM) declansnwl: FOUR
(8:06:39 AM) declansnwl: RUNNING
(8:06:44 AM) declansnwl: CLUBS
(8:06:51 AM) declansnwl: FLUSH, I’m out
(8:06:56 AM) TJ Fiske: F-me
(8:07:02 AM) declansnwl: i did the odds
(8:07:04 AM) TJ Fiske: absolute bull@#%*
(8:07:18 AM) declansnwl: i had him 99.85%
(8:07:28 AM) TJ Fiske: that guy doesn’t know that he just won the lottery on that one
(8:07:42 AM) declansnwl: i’m still reeling
(8:07:43 AM) declansnwl: 😉
(8:07:46 AM) declansnwl: ha
(8:07:51 AM) TJ Fiske: dude i can imagine
(8:08:12 AM) declansnwl: i was numb for a while
(8:08:17 AM) TJ Fiske: yeah
(8:08:18 AM) declansnwl: now i’m pissed
(8:08:20 AM) TJ Fiske: i hear ah
(8:08:24 AM) TJ Fiske: can’t be pissed
(8:08:29 AM) declansnwl: gotta blog this…  too painful…
(8:08:30 AM) declansnwl: 😉
(8:08:35 AM) TJ Fiske: its just a lucky draw, ur skills were dead on
(8:08:47 AM) declansnwl: well, what if i’d’ve slow played it?
(8:08:49 AM) TJ Fiske: and yes, you need to blog this
(8:08:53 AM) declansnwl: he might not have gone all in
(8:09:02 AM) TJ Fiske: yeah u did right
(8:09:09 AM) TJ Fiske: he went all in on a pair of 2’s!!!!
(8:09:19 AM) TJ Fiske: that’s dumb #@*% playing, and he got rewarded for it
(8:09:23 AM) TJ Fiske: u should be pissed
(8:09:27 AM) declansnwl: he had 3 with the flop
(8:09:41 AM) TJ Fiske: oh, still when u went all in first
(8:09:45 AM) TJ Fiske: should have been a sign
(8:09:48 AM) declansnwl: right
(8:09:52 AM) declansnwl: yeah!
(8:09:56 AM) declansnwl: ok, pissed again
(8:09:57 AM) declansnwl: 😉
(8:10:03 AM) TJ Fiske: oh your welcome

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Feb 01 2007


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Bears Storm

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