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Jan 13 2008

MacVeritas Podcast #14 ships

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We’re playing with the format a bit. Lots of CES talk, lots of MacWorld anticipation.

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Jan 13 2008

Erin get the braces

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Well, the time had come. It was time for braces for the kidlet!

Here’s the “before” picture:

She looks much better here:

Wow, those braces are SO worth it! 🙂

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Jan 04 2008

MacVeritas Podcast #13 is Out!

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Hear us ramble on about our geek New Year’s Resolutions!

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PLEASE download the mp3 version so I can get Dan to quit whining about making him provide it! 😉

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Jan 01 2008

National Academy of the Arts

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When I was a junior at the University of Illinois, I worked as a Resident Counselor at the National Academy of the Arts in downtown Champaign, Illinois.

These are some prints I found from that time, 1986 or so. I can’t remember any of the names of the kids for sure.

Note the killer stereo! I think I spent a semester’s worth of financial aid on that puppy. It had on of Sony’s first commercial CD players!

And don’t miss the kickin’ TRS-80 Model III, with a 300 baud modem.

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