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Oct 30 2003

More Fire Disaster Impact

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Last week I ordered a package from and got a message saying it was being shipped.

This morning I got curious where it was and looked at the tracking info. Read from the bottom up:

Here is the recorded activity of your package with UPS tracking number XXXX.

Date Time Location Activity
October 28, 2003 9:35:00 AM SAN DIEGO, CA,US OUT FOR DELIVERY
October 28, 2003 2:48:00 AM SAN DIEGO, CA,US ARRIVAL SCAN
October 27, 2003 11:04:00 PM VERNON, CA,US DEPARTURE SCAN
October 27, 2003 4:54:05 PM VERNON, CA,US LOCATION SCAN
October 27, 2003 2:18:00 PM VERNON, CA,US ARRIVAL SCAN
October 27, 2003 7:15:00 AM PHOENIX, AZ,US DEPARTURE SCAN
October 24, 2003 10:23:10 PM PHOENIX, AZ,US ORIGIN SCAN

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Oct 29 2003

Another blog with good pictures and lists of other sites

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Smoke signals

San Diego Blog is carriyng a huge pile of links to sources of news about the fire there, many leveraged from Joe Crawford’s Artlung blog. Emese Gaal has a huge list of blogs with photos. Joe points to The San Diego paper’s fireblog as well.

If I wasn’t on dialup, I’d post (or point to) some “before” pictures of Cuyamaca and other lost places.

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Oct 28 2003

Map of the fire as of 9p Monday

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Here’s a very good map showing the fire and its progress.

We live in Rancho Penasquitos, to the left of Poway, under the green dot.

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Oct 28 2003

Support American Red Cross in this time of need.

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If you feel like making a donation, click here.

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Oct 27 2003

We’re all fine

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Hi – the Flemings are doing ok. It was scary Sunday waiting to see if the winds would die down or shift and bring on the flames.
We got all the essentials packed and waited for word on whether to evacuate or not. We spent the night in shifts watching the news and sleeping.
Long night.

We have a little smoke. If you scroll down you’ll see some of those pictures.

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Oct 27 2003

Jason’s Blog and Website with fire photos and text

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Jason is a fellow San Diegan and Illinois transplant.

Blog link.

Website link.

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Oct 27 2003

Images from Scripps Ranch

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Scripps Ranch lost 350 homes, San Diego County has lost 1000 so far.

This is about five miles from us.

Click here for all of the pictures.

Here is the original site where I got the pictures.

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Oct 26 2003

San Diego Burns

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This is the view outside of our house.

For more pictures, click here.

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Oct 25 2003

Halloween Pirate Party

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Last night was the Brotherhood Halloween Party

It was on the Star of India, a 3 masted ship in the San Diego Harbor.

TJ held a rockin’ pre-party at the Holiday Inn across from the ship.

Cool dreads in the goatee!

Gabe and Amanda were there. It looks like the bird is listing to port. In actuality, Gabe is listing to starboard… Gabe’s strategy to avoid paying for drinks on the ship was… OVERexecuted. I’m not sure he ever boarded. Or if he’s still alive.

Erika brought a couple of her friends.

And her boy Tad.

Not sure if that’s a pirate or George Washington.

Here’s Elaine holding my sword. Someone swiped my sword and I didn’t see it again all night. With the way my head feels now, it’s probably good that there was no swordplay anyway…

It’s really hard taking good pictures of a ship at night, but here’s an attempt.

We caught up with Jocy and Inoh on the boat.

The traditional Slave Auction.

Elaine didn’t trust that I’d let her back out if she stuck her head in.

I’m more trusting. Or drunk.

More of Declan’s Party Pictures here.

More Brotherhood pictures here.

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