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Nov 27 2005

It was supposed to be an nice, easy coast ride…

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… but then Don had an idea… 🙂 Let’s find the Eastbound Oceanside bike path, which turned out to be part of the San Dieguito River trail. It’s new and very pretty. It took us from Neptune Street in Ocean side to Douglas Street, which we took down to El Camino Real, back to the coast. El Camino Real has some fun hills!

53.5 miles later and we were back at Robertos and SORE!

Here’s a Google Earth .kmz of the ride.

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Nov 24 2005

Best of Both Worlds

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Nov 24 2005

Say it isn’t so!!!!

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Nov 22 2005

Secret Bruises

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Cruising along at about 15 mph on the bike and there’s a SNAP and I’m falling towards the back wheel, no support. I hear bike parts tinkling along the road behind me. The reptile part of my brain takes over and I maintain balance and slow to a stop, trying my best to avoid painful, personal injury.

I know I’m a big guy, but should a seat bolt fail like that?

Now I’ve got one more part to add to the kitchen sink in my Camelbak… 🙂

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Nov 11 2005

Edmonton Trip – Access 2005

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Declan went up to Canada again this year to a library technology conference called Access 2005.

Here are some views out the hotel window:

Got a nice sunset here:

The North Saskatchewan River runs right through town:

The conference was interesting, Edmonton wasn’t really. Maybe I wasn’t there in a good season, but I don’t see any good reason to go back.

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Nov 09 2005

Escondido North Bike Ride

Here’s the ride we did this weekend:

Here’s a Google Earth .kmz file for the Escondido North ride this weekend.

Escondido North Ride

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Nov 03 2005

Welcome Audrey Julia Lemson!!!

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My buddies KC and Dave Lemson have respawned!

Here’s her official website.

Congrats Lemsons!!!

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