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Apr 19 2009

2009 Spring Break Road Trip – Las Vegas

Erin and I took off early on Saturday morning:

to get to our first stop, Las Vegas! This was Erin’s first time so I wanted to make sure she saw the most important part, Barry Manilow!

Ok, not really – our goal was the Blue Man Group but first we needed to get a good meal. I looked out the window of our hotel and saw the Peppermill, a great place my buddy TJ intruduced me to on my last LV visit. Erin was impressed with the very colorful sugar:

Ok, so was I:

Next, we walked (and walked and walked) the Strip:

Caught some amazing magic:

Then finally saw the men of blue:

When I took Nathan to this show a few years ago, I neglected to bring a camera, so we missed this shot…

Erin really wanted to see the Excalibur, so we hoofed it down the Strip again after the show and she scored a nice image:

Sadly, the dragon statue is gone now. A guard told us that it was breaking down and they couldn’t get parts. I blame the IT department, or this Emo kid:

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Apr 13 2009

2009 Spring Break Map

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Erin and I took a road trip from San Diego to Denver and back. I’ll post more as I get the pictures edited, but here’s the initial map:

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Mar 15 2009

Playing with Instamapper

I turned on Instamapper as I was about to bike the Silver Strand:

GPS tracking powered by

I need to play with it more… I KNOW I went over 11 mph 😉 Not sure why there are so few data points. The phone was in my saddle bag, under the metal seat, and the big rider – so maybe that’s it 😉

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May 12 2008

Google Maps and San Diego Wildfires

Here’s a very cool video about KPBS and the fire map they created during the October 2007 wildfires:


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Oct 26 2007

Great Nasa Site with Satellite Pictures of the San Diego Wildfires Smoke

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This NASA site has a great write up of the progression of the smoke as seen from space.

Here are a couple of images of the smoke starting to swirl back to us as the Westbound Santa Ana winds die off and the normal on shore winds kick back in:

This one from the NASA site above:

This one from The Weather Channel:

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Oct 25 2007

Fire Progression Animation

My buddy Gabe made a neat fire progression animation:

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Oct 24 2007

Google Earth 3D Fire Maps

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Wow, this guy has some amazing stuff. One example:

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Oct 24 2007

Another Amazing Google Fire Map

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Oct 23 2007

Map of Burned Houses in Rancho Bernardo

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Make sure to read the text to the left of the map.  There are 3 pages of houses, each showing a different map.

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Oct 23 2007

San Diego Fire Map with Our House Marked

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Compare to 2003 fires:

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