Aug 08 2004

Comic Con 2004

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We attended this year’s Comic Con.

Nathan’s friend Gerry also joined us:

We ran into my buddy Kevin there. He’s been frozen in dorkonite, or something…

Nice, full sized XWing fighter:

There’s a thin line between cute and child abuse…

Anniken is all grown up now:


TJ get’s a spanking:

Who loves ya, baby?

Tony meets the twins:

My one celeb photo this year. Beth Grant is an actress I’ve seen in a number of film and tv roles. She was most recently in Six Feet Under and played this really interesting hyper-christian whose ghost is a nymphomaniac.

This was “lady in a plaid skirt” number 19. After 23, I quit counting…

Click here for more pictures. Some don’t belong on a “Family” blog… 🙂

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