Jun 09 2005

What kind of lock was it?

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I’ve received a lot of nice mail about my stolen bike.

One question that is often asked is, “What kind of lock was it?”

Well it was a Kryptonite Model: RCL III

Here’s what that lock looked like when I bought it a week before the theft:

And here’s what it looked like about 30 seconds after the thief layed hands on it:

A nice closeup of the clipped cable end:

Bottom line, this was is a useless locking device. I wish I knew that before buying it. It sure LOOKS impressive.

Here’s what Kryptonite’s site says about their cable locks:

Q: Do cable locks have an anti-theft protection offer?

A: Kryptonite does not offer an anti-theft protection plan for our cable locks. Although cables are the popular choice of some cyclists, they offer deterrent protection only. For best protection of your bike Kryptonite recommends using a U-lock and cables when securing your bike.

I don’t think that was on the lock’s packaging.

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  1. Valerieon 31 Aug 2005 at 1:54 pm

    I see, so basically they are saying “This whole line of our products SUCKS and we don’t think you should buy them! But, we’re going to keep on quietly selling them to you anyway! Aren’t we cool?”

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