Jul 24 2005

Great San Juan Capistrano Bike Ride!

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Another great ride today, and my second half century.

Jim, Don, and I caught the 7:38a train from Solana Beach up to San Juan Capistrano. The train was pretty empty, so they let us throw our bikes in the aisles. We heard later that there’s a more formal procedure with hanging bike racks, but no one told us about it specifically.

The train ride was very nice and most of the people riding were bikers. I knew Dan from work was going to be there, so we hooked up with his group for the ride back. We were a little intimidated because we knew Dan was a tri-athlete, and that the ride was well over 45 miles. Not to worry though – the terrain was all but flat and there was a nice mix of experience levels in the group.

The group does this ride every weekend, I believe. They have some set stopping places, so it was a very casual ride. Long, but casual… We got back to the Amtrack station at about 2:30p! Checking the odometers showed that we’d done 51 miles, a bit more than expected, but all of it very nice.

Also – we cut through Pendleton. All we needed were drivers licenses today.

I certainly want to try this ride again!

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  1. Nualaon 24 Jul 2005 at 8:09 pm

    WoW Declan,

    Before we know it we will be watching you in the Tour De France.


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