Dec 15 2005

Notori Spawn!

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Congrats Mark and Leah!

This morning, 12/15, at 7:27am, Leah gave birth to our daughter, Kara Rose
Notarus. Mother and daughter are doing fine, and Kara is remarkably
calm for someone directly related to Mark.

Kara was 21″ long, and 6lbs 14oz.

Yesterday was a fun day. Leah’s water broke early in the day, so mild
that we’re not even sure when. She had a regularly scheduled
appointment at 5:30pm, where they said “You’re going to the
hospital!”. We leisurely packed everything we own into the CRV, and
headed in, arriving at the hospital around 7pm. We had a comparitively
easy night, with mild contractions until about 5 in the morning, when
they introduced some pitocin. Active labor started about 6:30.

Mark and Leah

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  1. Brian Cameronon 15 Dec 2005 at 10:39 am

    OK, so how come Mark looks more used and abused than his wife? Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

    Congrats NotarI!

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