Mar 06 2006

Declan and Nathan on NYC Full Post

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We headed for the airport on Saturday morning:

We will miss the weather that allows little or no coat-age.

We got to Denver then La Guardia, arriving around 11p. Goodness, it was cold. My ears nearly froze off. My west coast blood couldn’t handle the 18F temp, and I got reacquainted with Wind Chill. Thankfully, I still had my Triple Fat Goose winter coat from my midwest days!

Since it was so late, we’d set up a hotel in Queens, by the airport. There was a Caribbean place down the street and we had some shrimp and plantains, then hit the sack.

Next morning, we took a car into the city. I played with my camera on the way in:

We were too early to check in to the Hotel Excelsior (great place to stay in the Upper West Side), so we checked the bags, got the concierge working in finding us Spamalot tickets, and went for a walk. We were right next to Central Park, so we walked next to it and crossed in near the south side:

Nathan found a huge pike of cocaine to help defray the cost of the trip:

What’s a topiary?

Next, we kept travelling south on Central Park West. This made me wish I’d watched The Late Show in the last ten years:

Showed Nathan Times Square. It’s even cooler at night.

Next, we hit The Empire State Building:

I told all these people to move so I could get a better picture. They just honked at me. Lots of honking in NYC. They must ban hand guns out there.
I took a kazillion picture from the top.

Some day I’ve got to read that book that came with the camera:

He’s smiling on the INside. Actually, his face had frozen.

Ah, here he is, doubled over in hilarity:

Neat shadows on the boy:

After this we walked north, passing by the Ghostbusters building:

Imagine how cool this picture would be if I had a tripod:

Ah, HERE’s Times Square at night:

Deep down, he’s impressed. Really.

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