Mar 19 2006

Nathan and Declan in NYC Day 3

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We started with a nice breakfast at a place Tad recommended (can’t remember the name):

Which led to the inevitable knife fight:

I won but I STILL had to pay.

Our hotel was right across the street from the Natural History Museum, so that’s where we headed next.

This is the Milky Way.  Or something:

This is the lung from a dinosaur who smoked to much.  They all did, hence the extinction:

There were many dioramas.  Diorami?  Shadowboxes.

This specimen wall was really neat:

I’m proud of this picture.  The room was very dark, simulating being under water.  Which was cool until they removed all the air and everyone suffocated.  Not really.  I had to dink with the exposure settings and make the camera really still on a bannister to make this work.  My 10 yr old could do it with a tripod.

We weren’t sure why there were exhibits from the movie Aliens, but hey, that’s part of Nature too:

Here’s a picture where I did NOT master the art of keeping the camera still.

This is here to make you even more impressed that I got the whale shot above.  Impressed?  So is Nathan!


Highlight of the trip for me!

Ok, this one takes some explaining:

When Nathan was little, he was fascinated with dinosaurs, and would often challenge me to a dinosaur fight.  To be a dinosaur, you had to make claws with your fingers.  Since everyone knows that the Alasaurous has three claws, and the Tyrannousaurus has two, one of us would have to have three fingers out, while the other had two if we were to have a proper battle… HEY!  You’re not completely captivated by what I think is a GREAT story!?!  Neither was Nathan.  Or Elaine.  Pfft.  Since I take all the pictures, I get to say what’s interesting.  Buncha…. (Declan wanders off muttering to himself.  Does that a lot lately.)

Meanwhile, Nathan goes back on vacation:

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