Jul 04 2007

I Ride Fast. Too Fast?

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Today was the Scripps Ranch Old Pros 50 mile ride.  I’ve ridden it for the last three years, and today was my best time yet.  3 hours and 29 minutes!  I was hoping for 3 hours even, but I’d need some pretty good liposuction for that.  Or a proper diet.

I looked down after descending the hill on Camino Cristobal and noticed this:

That was dumb…  and beats my fastest by about 10mph.  I was going so fast that I had trouble even bearing right when the road turned, but a little braking and I was ok.  Scary!

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One Response to “I Ride Fast. Too Fast?”

  1. TJon 05 Jul 2007 at 11:06 am

    51.3 MPH? Nice!!! I was confused at first seeing the 0.0. 🙂

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