Mar 02 2008

Dinner with the code4lib crowd

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code4lib is a conference of library geeks and was help in Portland, OR this year. It’s a place to see old friends, make new ones, and learn a ton about new and ongoing library tech stuff.

Here’s Mike Giarlo actually being chivalrous and holding open a door:

On the far left is Mark Phillips, quite a great photographer. On the right is a blurry Jonathan Brinley. On the far right is Kurt, one of Mark’s coworkers. In the middle is a shiny guy:

Jim Tuttle from NC was there, accompanied by his huge, misshapen head:

This is the position I saw Antonio Barrera in each time I saw him. All that changed was the content of the glass:

Devon Smith has the irc nickname that I would kill for “decasm”:

Here’s Anjanette Young from UW trying to ignore the dork with the camera:

I server on a Shibboleth committee with the guy on the left, Tod Olson from UChicago. On the right is Andrew Bullen from the Illinois State Library. He did an amazing presentation on scanned sheet music, an example of which was converted to MIDI and played as background during his talk:

This is Rob Casson from UMiama, OH. He’s got a lot to say about Drupal, and really needs a haircut:

Jodi Schneider from MA also looks thrilled with the photographer:

We all had some fantastic Indian food:

All the pictures from that evening:

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  1. Jimon 03 Mar 2008 at 3:28 pm

    Look who’s calling whom huge and mishapped, jerko!

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