Jun 02 2010

Things I love about the iPad

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I just got a 3G iPad for work and Ive been keeping some notes about things I like and dont like. This is the Love post and Ill be adding more as I learn.

a href=http://www.declan.net/2010/06/02/ipad-failure-modes-or-why-i-cant-move-completely-to-an-ipadClick here for the Fail post./a

My photos look great on it
The Wired magazine app is beautiful and shows whats possible with journals
The keyboard works well
Battery life is great – went a whole day of constant use on 50%
Netflix is just wonderful on the device, even in 3G
My 3 yr old buddy Sage mastered the Netflix and iBook interface in about 2 minutes – with some issues Ill put in the other post.
The WordPress app is very smooth. Im using it now. I wonder if itll get me to blog more.
From Samuel Atlan on my Facebook side: you can do a long press on comma to show the apostrophe (just like a long press on a vowel will show accents). Even faster, a quick swipe up from the comma key works too./ul

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