Apr 09 2016

Timelapser v3

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This is a follow up to the timelapser devices I’ve been making based on the Raspberry Pi.  Earlier posts here:


Timelapser Project

I wanted to teach a class on how to build these at work, so I ordered 20 kits.  The newest case design is much more stable, but can be tricky to put together.  I got it here:



2016-03-31 08.39.56 2016-03-31 08.40.03 2016-03-31 08.40.08 2016-03-31 08.40.13 2016-03-31 08.41.02 2016-03-31 08.39.54

I really like how it grabs the camera module, keeping it still.

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  1. Andrew Woodson 09 Apr 2016 at 11:09 am

    Hello Declan,
    Do you happen have any details on wide angle lenses?

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