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Apr 25 2004

Erin and Dad Trip 2004

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Dad decided to start up his yearly trip tradition with number 2 kid, Erin.

We went to Hollywood for a couple of days, and spent a full day at Universal Studios.

Here’s Erin enjoying WaterWorld:

Erin enjoyed pummelling her Dad with balls:

Erin wouldn’t sit still for many photo ops, but Dad got one here:

We hit the Animal Planet Show:

One more photo op:

More pictures.

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Apr 25 2004

Nathan and Dad 2004 trip

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This year we went back to SF, but we flew instead of driving to save some time later in the week for
Dad to take a short trip with Erin.

Our goal this year was to relax (Dad) and shop for tons of Manga and Anime (Nathan).
A little web searching yeilded
The Shin Anime Shopper’s Guide to the San Francisco Bay Area and we had our list of places to hunt.

First, though, Dad wanted some good Chinese food, so we found one his
favorite places – House of Nanking:

Even Nathan ate something that wasn’t a hamburger:

A stroll through China Town yeilded a field of Pocky, a Nathan favorite:

The main stop on the list was Japan Town:

PAYDIRT!!! The Kinokuniya Bookstore was near the top of the list and was probably the best place
Nathan found and spent all his $$$!

Other forays into China Town yielded some fun items:

We hooked up with our buddies Joe and Lorah Gross and had some killer sundaes at

On the way out of town, we stopped by Google to have lunch with Joe. You would not
BELIEVE the food spread they provide…

More pictures.

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Apr 20 2004

Neat App – GPS based Nextels used for traffic analysis

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