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Aug 07 2010

My first model shoot

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Gabe and I attended the Amateur-Professional Models and Photographers and More SD meetup run by the energetic, friendly Britt. We met at Fletcher Cove in Solana Beach right at sunset.


The models were running late, so Britt got down on the sand and helped us set up our lighting and shots. I quickly figured out that coming straight from work was a bad idea… My dress pants and shoes are now full of sand. 😉 I also got a great workout squatting and kneeling to get the best angles.


That’s Ashley, the first model who showed up. I was able to get a little sunset action, but it was pretty cloudy:


Gabe enjoyed the whole experience:


Marisa showed up next:


Then Angel came a bit later:


There were about 10 photographers:


The models would pose and move their eyes from one lens to another. I learned a lot about how to give direction by listening to the other photogs. Britt was also very helpful in how to talk to the models and help them give you the best shot.

I had a great time, well worth the $15 Britt charges for the event. She is one of the most friendly people I’ve met and loves helping. She gathered some of us after the shoot and we headed to Pizza Port for a couple beers and she talked even more about the craft. Lots of fun!

Click here for lots more pictures on Flickr!

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