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Jul 30 2005

I GOTTA get these for the road bike!

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Jul 24 2005

Great San Juan Capistrano Bike Ride!

Another great ride today, and my second half century.

Jim, Don, and I caught the 7:38a train from Solana Beach up to San Juan Capistrano. The train was pretty empty, so they let us throw our bikes in the aisles. We heard later that there’s a more formal procedure with hanging bike racks, but no one told us about it specifically.

The train ride was very nice and most of the people riding were bikers. I knew Dan from work was going to be there, so we hooked up with his group for the ride back. We were a little intimidated because we knew Dan was a tri-athlete, and that the ride was well over 45 miles. Not to worry though – the terrain was all but flat and there was a nice mix of experience levels in the group.

The group does this ride every weekend, I believe. They have some set stopping places, so it was a very casual ride. Long, but casual… We got back to the Amtrack station at about 2:30p! Checking the odometers showed that we’d done 51 miles, a bit more than expected, but all of it very nice.

Also – we cut through Pendleton. All we needed were drivers licenses today.

I certainly want to try this ride again!

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Jul 22 2005

No Pony

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Struck me as funny today…

No Pony

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Jul 20 2005

Scotty’s Been Beamed Up :-(

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We hardly knew ye…

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Jul 17 2005

Comic Con 2005

Well, I wasn’t even going to go to Comic Con this year, but a free ticket popped up, then I learned that Tenacious D were playing on Saturday!!!

So, I was a good dad and brought Nathan and his posse (3 other teenagers).

Nathan took off with his buddies as soon as we got off the trolley, so I hung out with Erin and Gabe and his daugher – hence the lack of quantity in booth babe pictures.

Nothing kills the mood like yer daughter calling you nasty names and telling you what’s inappropriate in front of a plaid clad young lady… 😉

But I GUESS it’s ok is she’s dressed like a Disney character…

Unfortunately, I got no Tenacious D pictures… They were kicking anyone out with a recording device.

Here are the rest of my pictures – only 10 this year… ;-(

Here’s a Flickr link to at least 1000 Comic Con pix.

My friend Christine has a Flickr set as well.

I’ll get more up as I can from my friends.


Nice pix at SignOnSanDiego.

The Brotherhood throws a fabulous party during Comic Con called X-Sanguin. My buddy TJ has some Flickr pictures from there. Lame-O that I am, I didn’t go this year… Was tired after the Con and running 35 teenagers all over town. 🙂

Here’s a nice site with pix and commentary – I-Mockery

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Jul 14 2005

iPod Flea

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Hee hee…. 🙂

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Jul 11 2005

Das virtuelle Computermuseum

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Das virtuelle Computermuseum

This was my first one… 🙂 It’s still in my closet…

Link takes you to a German site with lots of old computers.

Original link from BoingBoing.

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Jul 10 2005

This Sunday’s Ride – Ramona area

Today’s ride was a new one, and quite strenuous. Here’s the map:

I’ve been playing with Google Earth. Here’s the .kmz file to put this map into your copy of Google Earth.

The climb up Scripps-Poway parkway was quite a challenge, but the cruise down Highland Valley Road made it all worth it. It’s very pretty visually, and has some thrilling downhills.

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Jul 09 2005

A Foodie’s-Eye View of San Diego’s Best Restaurants

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A Foodie’s-Eye View of San Diego’s Best Restaurants

Very neat app I saw on the San Diego Blog.

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Jul 09 2005

The Noisy Apprentice: Support your local bike commuter

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The Noisy Apprentice: Support your local bike commuter

I’ve been looking at San Diego blogs lately. This is a neat article about bike lanes.

San Diego has some gorgeous and terrifying places to ride.

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