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Aug 28 2007

Erin turns 12

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She’s almost a teenager!

I finally relented and let her get here ears pierced. I think she liked it:

Looks like she was a little scared…

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Aug 18 2007


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At the end of July I visited the University of California, Santa Cruz for the UCCSC conference.  The campus is nicely integrated with the natural features of the area.  This is along a path between buildings:

The dorms are right on campus and feel more like apartments.

As we walked up the path from the parking lot to the conference, we passed deer munching on the lawns.  Later, we saw this little guy:

We visited the Santa Cruz boardwalk:

Which gave me the opportunity to mess with some neat night shots:

I must start traveling with a tripod!

Click here for more pictures from this trip. 

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Aug 18 2007

Everyone’s ok

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So, after the drama of Nathan’s hit and run, guess what happens next:

Less than 2 hours after getting the car back from the shop, as he was driving four of his friends to ComicCon, Nathan was hit on the side by an 18 wheeler and the car rolled 2 times into the median.  One of the kids got a deep abrasion on his arm.  Otherwise, they all walked out unharmed.  All of them were wearing seat belts.  The 18 wheeler never stopped.

Scary stuff.

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