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Mar 26 2008

Erin and Declan attend the SD Bloggers Meetup

I took Erin with me to go to the San Diego Bloggers Meetup.

Dan Tentler was on hand to take pictures with his new light boxes:

She decided to wear a geek shirt to match my stylin’ MacVeritas shirt!

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Mar 22 2008

Playing with a Lensbabies 2.0

At a conference recently, Casey Bisson introduced me to the Lensbabies camera lens.

I soon ordered one, and it came in yesterday. I took it out with the beer crowd tonight and got some fun shots:

Here’s Cooper, looking way cooler than he oughta, thanks to my lens:

Schell wasn’t amused that Gabe and I were taking so many pictures:

He mocks what he doesn’t understand…

I like that the lens accurately captures a person’s level of drunkenness:

and ugliness:

Man, I’m getting old…

I like how this one looks like Holly is thinking of 3 bright things:

I can pretty much assure you that there isn’t a lot bright going on here:

Huh? Wha?

We weren’t outside for 2 minutes before Patrick started trying to attract the ladies with his sultry poses:

This is the look Gabe gives you when you try to explain why you are too old to go out to the Casbah with him:

And here’s his look when he’s had too much… pesto:

I tried to capture the blue Little Italy sign:

But this abstract is cooler, I think:

Here are the rest of the pictures:

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Mar 21 2008

Add Twitter Vocabulary to Wikipedia

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I was watching a couple friends flirting on twitter today and started talking to Gabe about a good word for flirting on twitter. I came up with “twirting” and looked around to see of someone else had come up with it. I didn’t see it in a google search, so I went over to Wikipedia and looked up twitter, found no Vocabulary section, so I added it and added my word and a few others I’ve heard.

Go here to add others!

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Mar 18 2008

Taiko – Japanese Drumming

Last Sunday, we went to see our buddy Victoria from the libraries play in her drumming group called San Diego Taikos. We were late, as usual, so we missed part of the opening act, the Super Sonic Samba School. We got a standing spot a bit at the back of the World Beat Center by Balboa part, a little left of the stage, hence the pole in some of the pictures:

Samba group:

Here’s Victoria, on the right:

Some comic relief:

Victoria works the abs:

Lots more pictures here:

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Mar 10 2008

Desert Wild Flowers

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Jenny, Holly, Elaine and I took a trip to the Anza Borrego desert to take pictures of the wild flowers.

I stole Jenny’s “looking up” technique and got some pretty pictures:

Here’s a panorama of one of the flower fields with a mountain in the background. Click the image to see the full original image. Warning, it is very large! 🙂

Here are all of the pictures:

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Mar 06 2008

Video: Twitter in Plain English

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This is a great video from CommonCraft, extolling the virtues of Twitter.


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Mar 02 2008

Dinner with the code4lib crowd

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code4lib is a conference of library geeks and was help in Portland, OR this year. It’s a place to see old friends, make new ones, and learn a ton about new and ongoing library tech stuff.

Here’s Mike Giarlo actually being chivalrous and holding open a door:

On the far left is Mark Phillips, quite a great photographer. On the right is a blurry Jonathan Brinley. On the far right is Kurt, one of Mark’s coworkers. In the middle is a shiny guy:

Jim Tuttle from NC was there, accompanied by his huge, misshapen head:

This is the position I saw Antonio Barrera in each time I saw him. All that changed was the content of the glass:

Devon Smith has the irc nickname that I would kill for “decasm”:

Here’s Anjanette Young from UW trying to ignore the dork with the camera:

I server on a Shibboleth committee with the guy on the left, Tod Olson from UChicago. On the right is Andrew Bullen from the Illinois State Library. He did an amazing presentation on scanned sheet music, an example of which was converted to MIDI and played as background during his talk:

This is Rob Casson from UMiama, OH. He’s got a lot to say about Drupal, and really needs a haircut:

Jodi Schneider from MA also looks thrilled with the photographer:

We all had some fantastic Indian food:

All the pictures from that evening:

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