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May 30 2006

Trip to Aidan and Renia’s Wedding

Here are the wedding weekend pictures (medium size):

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Here’s a link to Sue’s Hardy’s pictures.

Here’s a link to Matt Hardy’s pictures.

It was so nice seeing old faces and meeting new ones!

I’d like to get everyone’s pictures into one big collection online.  Please mail me at and we’ll figure out the best way to get your stuff to me.  I can also make DVD or CD copies of the big originals for people if they’d like.


I’m slowly loading the full size, high quality images to Flickr.  Click here to see my sets of pictures.  Look for the ones with “HQ” in the title.  So, if you like one of the pictures and want to make a print for yourself, grab a high quality copy.

Ok, downloading a picture can be a bit convoluted, but it works.

For example, go to and click
on a picture.  At the top of the picture are some icons, pick the “All Sizes” one.  Then select “Original”.  This will show the biggest image.  There will be a link called “Download the Original size.”  Click that and you can save the image to your disk.


Sue has pointed out a flaw in my directions!

None of the icons show up on top of the pictures, unless you have a Yahoo account (Yahoo owns Flickr).  I was automatically logged in, so it just worked for me.

So, if you want the instructions above to work so you can download the files, Sign up for a free account from the link on the picture page.  Sorry, it’s a bit of a pain to do this, but it then lets you get to more functions.

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May 23 2006

Testing Performancing for Firefox

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Just read about Performancing for Firefox on Joe’s blog.

How easy is it to add a picture?

Pretty easy!

Speeel check?  Hmm, doesn’t look like it…

Still pretty cool!

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May 08 2006

New RAC Map

I wanted to make a map of the ride that uses real GPS data and would work with just a web browser and not require Google Earth.

Check this out:

This uses Google maps with an overlay of the route we took. The data comes from a rider’s GPS device, so it is very accurate.

All of the roads we took are marked and you can zoom and pan over the whole ride. Click on Satellite view or Hybrid to get a neat view of some of the terrain.

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May 04 2006

Nathan Passed His Drivers License Test!!!

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He even smiled!

Elaine said: was pure happiness, not smart ass or evil


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May 03 2006

Ride Across California – Day 4

For me, this was the hardest day. We’re all sore from three days of riding, and the prospect of sitting in a bike again all day just was not a thrill. But ya gotta do what ya gotta do…

Here’s how today started:

And it went on like that for 15 miles, with a killer headwind, for 4 hours. Headwinds are just nasty. They kept our forward pace to 3-5 miles per hour and just wore us out. We kept hearing that the turn on to Route 78 would put the wind more at our backs, so that kept us going.

I don’t have many pictures from this leg of the race as I was too miserable to take any, my battery on the little camera had died, and Elaine was out wandering the desert taking pictures of flora and fauna:

That’s another ocotillo in bloom. Here’s a teddy bear cactus:

Here’s our team of riders on that day:

Erin’s apparently flashing some sort of gang sign. Make a note to look into elementary school gang activity… Hailley’s dad, Damon, joined us this day and we all stuck together for most of the rest of the ride. Here we cross the San Diego County Line:

Erin and I stop to soak up the view of the nuclear devestation the Carrizo Badlands:

By the time we got to lunch, Erin was still in good spirits:

And I was about done:

But there’s nothing like a dry, white sandwich to perk me back up:

I LOVE what that helmet does to my hair. I’d wear it everyday if it would fit into the headroom of the car.

Our next destination was Agua Caliente, which is Spanish for “Crowded Pool”:

We’d taken so long getting across the desert that the pool was just about to close when we arrived. Erin said, “Oh yeah, this is just about the best 5 minutes of my life.” I think she was being sarcastic, but she’s very subtle, like her dad, so it was hard to tell…

Then it was back on the bikes for a few more miles to Vallecito:

Which apparently has a stagecoach house museum thing, which Elaine thought to take pictures of and which I didn’t even notice because I was so tired I wanted to die:

Elaine got a neat shot of the sunset and an ocotillo:

I’m sure someone has a picture of Plaster City. This is my main memory of that day, riding in the blistering heat (95-100F) and avoiding the huge drywall trucks coming and going to the factory there.

For more pictures from Day 4, click here.

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