Apr 24 2005

Illinois, more than just White Castle lust…

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Just got back from a whirlwind week in Illinois.

Nathan, Erin, and I went back to Illinois. Elaine was still in class (a likely story…), so she couldn’t join us.

We flew in to St. Louis on Saturday the 16th, and drove to Elaine’s mom’s house and were greeted by the cousins from Kansas City and the St. Louis area.

Nathan hangs out with Grandma and her pootch:

Uncle Matt and his youngest, Lucas:

Aunt Jean held court in the backyard:

Jake gets ready to jump in the pond:

Uncles Matt and Kevin watch Jake jump in the pond:

3 girl cousins – Candice (Kelly), Erin, and Zoe:

Ryan plays some Scooby Doo!

You just KNOW these guys are up to no good…


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