Jul 22 2007


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Last night, Saturday, July 21, sometime between 9:50 and 10:50 pm, an unknown car hit our son’s green 1998 Honda CR-V, which was parked on the south side of the 13000 block of Sparren Ave. This is in Penasquitos.

They scraped the left rear side bumper, twisted the rear axle, and left a large part of their car behind on the road. They left skirting, tire guards, and some type of blower from the engine in addition to lots of plastic and glass on the road just behind and ahead of the Honda. There was no one in or near the Honda at the time of the accident, so, thankfully, there were no injuries to anyone we are aware of.

A white Mazda hatchback was seen in the immediate area soon after the hit and run was discovered. The Mazda was weaving across lanes and dividers along Carmel Mtn. Road, and passed the group looking at the Honda’s damage on Sparren, narrowly missing the bystanders. That group heard the flap of a flat tire as it passed. No license plate was taken, but a good samaritan had been following the car at a distance when he noticed the driver’s erratic behavior and stopped to give the make and model information to police in case that was the car that had caused the damage to the Honda.

Even if this Mazda did not cause the damage to our Honda, the driver was obviously impaired and needs to be questioned.

PLEASE call the San Diego Police Department’s non emergency number, 858-484-3154, if you have any information about a white Mazda hatchback (or any car) with fresh damage and missing parts on the front passenger side, or information about the hit and run on Saturday night. Please also feel free to distribute this to anyone else who may have information.

Thank you!!!!

Elaine, Declan, and Nathan Fleming

Click here for more pictures of the car.

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  1. Scott Perryon 23 Jul 2007 at 7:04 pm

    Wow dude, bummer. Hope that guy gets a dose of karma.

    That’s serious damage, I haven’t seen a back wheel at an angle like that since Ben picked me up from the airport last…

    Glad no one got hurt, hope things sort out ok…

  2. Sueon 03 Aug 2007 at 10:48 am

    Bummer! Sorry to hear about the CRV’s unfortunate mishap.
    Glad to hear he wasn’t in it at the time but what a pain
    to deal with the aftermath.

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